Current Headlines

  1. BRM Announces Flexible Honing Tools For Chamfer Blending And Deburring; Flexible Hones Blend Chamfered Edges, Remove Burrs, And Improve Surface Finish For Machined Parts

    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), maker of flexible hones and industrial brushes, is announcing Flex-Hone® tools for chamfer-blending metal parts

  2. iAbrasive To Release Another Special Subject For ‘Diamond Tools’
    12/20/2013, a professional online marketplace focusing on abrasives, abrasive products and diamond tools e-commerce, launches a special subject for "Diamond Tools" to help buyers purchase diamond saw blades, diamond wire, diamond drill bits, diamond segments, diamond dressing tools, diamond cutting tools, diamond profile wheels and so on, in an efficient way

  3. MILLHOG® Welding End Prep Tool Is Battery Powered For True Portability

    ESCO Tool has introduced a field-proven, right angle drive I.D. clamping pipe milling tool that is battery powered for performing welding end preps anywhere an air hose or electric cord is unavailable

  4. New Rockwell Tools Make Great Holiday Gifts For Do-It-Yourselfers

    Rockwell’s new Compact Circular Saw with 4 ½ ” blade cuts 2x4’s and is half the weight of conventional 7 ¼” circular saws. At 5 lbs., the compact circular saw with slim, inline grip design provides great comfort, balance and control. The saw is easy to transport and maneuver, especially overhead. It’s a lighter alternative, minus the bulk and offers full cutting capacity

  5. BRM Announces Rotor Hones For DIY Brake Jobs; Flex-Hone® For Rotors Imparts Non-Directional Surface Finish To New And Re-Turned Rotors, Reducing Brake Noise And Vibration

    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), maker of cylinder hones and automotive brushes, is announcing rotor hones that use Flex-Hone® technology to impart a non-directional finish

  6. A Revolutionary New End Mill From Union Tool That Cuts Cemented Carbide

    A new patented UDC diamond coating introduced by Union Tool Europe of Neuchatel, Switzerland, is reported to enable carbide end mills to physically cut shapes and features in cemented carbide work material such as the micro needles shown in Figure

  7. Rex-Cut® Abrasive Grinding Wheels Blend And Finish Aluminum In One-Step

    Rex-Cut Abrasives has introduced a full line of Type 27 cotton-fiber abrasive grinding and blending wheels that provide smooth controlled grinding action, run cool, and are non-loading on aluminum

  8. Rockler Introduces Carbide Pen Turning Tools - Specialized 3-Piece Tool Set Is Ideal For Pens And Other Small Projects

    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a 3-Piece Carbide Pen Turning Tool Set specifically designed to provide control and ease of use for pen turning and other small turning projects

  9. Parts Manufacturers Automate Deburring/Finishing To Speed Throughput

    By automating deburring operations instead of handling it as part of a secondary process offline, CNC part and component manufacturers are reducing labor costs and speeding high-volume parts finishing

  10. Custom Precision Steel Products Now Available From

    Sinco-CNC aims to assist its clients around the world to find the smartest and most economical way to get all kinds of high quality CNC lathe products (PEEK products, aluminum products, steel products and more). Recently, the company has introduced its custom precision steel products for the customers worldwide