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  1. REGO-FIX Introduces New Hi-Q/ERC 50 Through-Coolant Nut

    REGO-FIX recently introduced its new Hi-Q/ERC 50 collet nut for through-coolant tools. Designed for use with larger ER 50 tools, the nut continues the company’s ongoing expansion of its ER line

  2. Turning Slender Components Made More Secure

    Slender components present numerous challenges including long chips, vibration and deflection. As a result, tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing HP high-precision coolant to its range of CoroTurn 107 cutting units to minimize the risk of insert breakages, chip jamming and machine stoppages

  3. CARVEsmart Expands Quick Change Vise Jaw System Product Line

    CARVEsmart, maker of the original quick change vise jaw system, has added a fully accessorized 4” tool steel master jaw set, SMARTstop for repetitive set ups, PERMAjaw a flippable ductile cast iron jaw and two new extruded aluminum profiles and new cut-to-any-length 1-1/2”W x 2”H and a 1”W x 1.71”H flippable extrusions

  4. SpadeRush Cuts Stress Of Large-Diameter Hole Making

    Producing large-diameter holes can be a big headache for many shops that are aiming to be cost effective and competitive in today’s global market

  5. LENOX Introduces Its First Curved Reciprocating Saw Blade In North America

    Continuing to redefine the reciprocating saw blade category, LENOX® has introduced a curved reciprocating saw blade

  6. Dongtai Abrasives To Introduce Its Flap Disc

    One of the Gold Members of Abrasives Co., Ltd., an experienced flap disc manufacturer in China, introduces its feature product -calcined flap disc for steel polishing and grinding

  7. REGO-FIX Introduces Slip-Proof Mini Clamping Nut

    REGO-FIX recently introduced the Hi-Q/ERMX Mini-Nut for Swiss automatic machine tool applications. The nut has an anti-slip locking design that is engineered to prevent the locking wrench from slipping off the nut during assembly and disassembly

  8. Diehl Steel Introduces Marshalloy MQ®/FM Mold Quality Alloy Steel

    Diehl Steel has introduced Marshalloy MQ/FM pre-hardened alloy steel. The mold quality, free machining steel is a premium P-20 produced through a propriety melting and refining process and is suitable for plastic injection mold applications as well as short run tools and dies. It shows superior cleanliness, polishability, machinability, uniformity and hardenability

  9. Grooving, Parting And Turning With 4 Cutting Edges With Chip Former

    Ingersoll is pleased to officially introduce Gold-Flex, the new product line that features a 4-edged insert for multifunctional operations. Suitable for grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining, Gold-Flex provides excellent performance, repeatability and economy

  10. Seco Adds Roughing And Small-Diameter Four-Flute Endmills To Jabro Line

    Seco recently added four-flute designs to its Jabro-HPM JHP951 roughing endmill in diameters of 16 mm and 20 mm and Jabro-Mini JM905 and JM920 small-diameter endmills. These additions further expand the capabilities of Seco’s premium solid carbide tools

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