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  1. Trine 4850-ITL – The Ultimate Installation Tool For Electric Strikes

    Trine Access Technology has developed the ultimate tool for installing electric strikes used with rim panic devices

  2. Mountz Offers New Electric Screwdrivers With A Built-In Screw Counter

    The new BLG-BC1 Series by Mountz, Inc. is a unique electric screwdriver, as it features a built-in screw counter

  3. Engine Rebuilds And Nikasil Liners: BRM Flexible Hones For Cylinder Wall Deglazing And Surface Finishing

    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), global leader in surface finishing solutions, is announcing user feedback that describes how Flex-Hone® tools deglaze the walls of Nikasil-coated engine cylinders

  4. ESCO Bolt Seat Resurfacing Tool Assures Steam Turbine Covers Fit Tight

    ESCO Tool has introduced a new bolt seat resurfacing tool that makes sure turbine cover bolts fit properly after repairs and is suitable for all surfaces subjected to corrosion

  5. New Machining Solution From Hydratight

    Market leading joint integrity specialist Hydratight has added the 2250P boring bar capable of covering a range of 2.5in. to 24in. diameter and lengths of up to 12ft., to its range of boring bar tools

  6. TMX Extends Cutting Tool Solutions Line From Toolmex Industrial Solutions

    Toolmex Industrial Solutions extends their comprehensive Drilling, Tapping, and Threading line of TMX Cutting Tools for demanding process jobs from production facilities to the machine shop floor

  7. Flexible Precision Toolholder For Automated Tool Grinding

    The new generation of SCHUNK PRISMO tool grinding toolholders promise more efficiency during production grinding and re-sharpening of tools

  8. ModuleWorks 5-Axis Machining Supports Barrel Mill Tools

    Our development team has been working hard to add support for barrel mill cutters to our 5-Axis machining strategies

  9. Woodcraft Adds Versatile Fein Tool Combo For DIY Projects Or The Worksite

    Woodcraft now offers two cordless Fein tools that together allow users to complete a wide range of home repair and renovation tasks, as well as car body work and boat maintenance

  10. Small Parts Deburring: BRM Announces Surface Finishing Tools For Automated Deburring; Miniature Deburring Brushes Improve Part Quality And Consistency

    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), global leader in surface finishing solutions, is announcing deburring tools for small parts manufacturers

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