Current Headlines

  1. Inventor And InventHelp Client Develops Drill-Bit Organizer (LST-376)

    Drill bits aren't cheap, especially if you're using specialized ones on a daily basis. To keep you from having to waste so much money buying new bits to replace lost ones, an inventor from Ventura, Calif., developed the patent-pending Drill Mate

  2. Enteq Upstream Merges XXT And KM Services To Form Enteq Drilling

    Enteq Upstream a provider of systems and components for Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and directional drilling, has formed the Enteq Drilling division to integrate the technology and services of Extended Exploration Technology (XXT) and KM Services (KMS)

  3. Small Tools Made Stronger

    This addition to the range fills the gap in the drilling depth increments. Typical applications include drilled holes for lubrication, cooling and venting, and nozzle bores.

  4. RNR Plastics Tool And Instrument Holders Store Up To 10 For Single Use Applications

    RNR Plastics has introduced new custom made vinyl pockets for storing and protecting multiple tools, instruments, and probes, yet allowing each to be separated easily and used as needed

  5. Ulterra Introduces High ROP PDC Bit

    Ulterra announced today the availability of PDC bits incorporating the next generation FastBack technology

  6. Primary Cutter, LLC To Offer Supermill 3-Piece Endmill Kit

    Primary Cutter, LLC, manufacturer of Supermill endmills, is offering a selection of carbide endmills in introductory trial kits at special pricing, allowing new customers to experience their outstanding quality

  7. Contour Sanding Kit Turns Oscillating Multi-Tools Into Precise Profile Sanders
    11/6/2013 is pleased to announce that they are once again offering the Contour Profile Sanding Kit

  8. Sumitomo New GND Grooving Tool Holders Reduce Chatter And Eliminate Vibration

    New GND Grooving Tool Holders from Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc. are engineered to reduced chatter and eliminate vibration. Featuring high rigidity bodies and single-piece special steel construction, the GND produces less chatter and eliminates vibration

  9. Kennametal And Sumitomo Electric Sign Agreement To Supply Kennametal’s Breakthrough KM4X Spindle Connection

    Kennametal and Sumitomo Electric have signed a licensing agreement under which Sumitomo Electric will provide and support Kennametal’s new and advanced KM4X spindle connection solution to Sumitomo Electric customers globally. Sumitomo Electric, a leading global supplier of electric wire, optical fibers and cutting tool products, sees significant benefit for its manufacturing customers.

  10. WIDIA Vari Family Of Tools Takes Efficiency To The Extreme

    Extreme challenges are daily fare for job shops. To address the unique needs of job shop customers and the distributors who serve them, the WIDIA Vari family of tools is specifically engineered to be versatile, easy to choose, easy to use, and deliver superior results in a wide range of applications and materials