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  1. Smart Tweezers LCR-Meters ST-5S And LCR-Reader Are On Sale From Siborg Systems Inc.

    Smart Tweezers have become a popular device for testing and troubleshooting Surface Mount Technology since their release in the early 2000’s. The device has become well known for its unique design and instantaneous measurements with high accuracy

  2. NSK Develops New Technology: High-Performance Ball Screws For Machine Tools

    NSK Ltd. recently announced that it has developed new technology in the form of high-performance ball screws for machine tools. NSK will release innovative products with this new technology in the spring of 2015

  3. Look No Further Than Rockwell For Great New Holiday Tool Gifts

    Rockwell's new Sonicrafter F30 is fast, real fast – almost twice as fast as competing brands -- with an industry-breaking oscillating angle of 4°. The 3.5 amp F30 oscillating tool works harder too. In fact, it can absorb 30 lbs. of force before stalling out, while competitors drop out at 22 lbs. of force or less

  4. Heat Shield

    The high-performance cutting tool material Tiger•tec Silver WPP05S is Walter's new specialist for roughing steel. The aluminium oxide layer used is 150 percent thicker in comparison to conventional layers

  5. Yardley Products Announces Application And Technical Data For Rapid Prototyping To Meet Customer Demand

    Yardley Products Corporation, a manufacturer of precision-engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, provides custom solutions for aerospace, appliance, automotive, defense, electronics and other industries. Recently, Yardley Products has been supplying threaded metal inserts for use in 3D printing and rapid prototyping

  6. CoroCut 1-2 For Truly Secure Parting And Grooving

    Sandvik Coromant has updated its CoroCut 1-2 system for rigid and rapid parting and grooving to feature spring clamp technology. This not only provides increased stability but eliminates the operator judgement required when using a torque wrench on conventional screw clamps

  7. NamPower Brush Tools For Auto Parts Finishing: BRM Announces Automotive Aftermarket And Performance Racing Industry Applications

    Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), maker of flexible engine hones, diesel tools, and automotive brushes, is announcing a new article about NamPower technology for outer diameter (OD) finishing of auto parts.

  8. MachiningCloud Feeds Iscar Tool Data To VERICUT

    CGTech, developer of VERICUT software for simulating CNC machine tools, has announced that as a result of the CGTech-MachiningCloud-Iscar partnership, VERICUT users can directly download Iscar tool assemblies and use it within VERICUT software with minimal effort

  9. Rockmore Launches The New T Series Hammer Class

    Rockmore International, a global manufacturer of percussive rock drilling tools, has recently launched the T series DTH hammer line and introduces the first model in this class - the ROK 600T. The new T hammer line will be officially unveiled at the upcoming National Ground Water Association exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nevada in December 2014

  10. Emuge Introduces Tool Program For Efficient, Economical Threading Of Nickel-Based Alloys

    Emuge Corp introduced a comprehensive line of high-performance tools for threading demanding nickel / super alloy materials to 46 HRC. The new program includes tools ranging from taps with unique new geometry designs to reliable solid carbide thread mills designed for challenging Aerospace, Powergen and Oil industry applications

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