Blue Vector Manufacturing Solutions

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Blue Vector Manufacturing Solutions
Even in the most highly automated facilities, the movement of pallets, dollies, cages, and totes is typically a manual process. With any manual process, there is a high potential for errors — and in a standard facility with multiple side-byside dock doors, a small error can result in a mistake that can take weeks to correct. The end result is customer shortages and increased costs.

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Product Sheet: Manufacturing Solutions

Use Sensors to Support Consistent Execution

Even in Custom or Make-to-Order Businesses

Need better visibility into the exact location and status of products and assets in manufacturing?

Tracking Assets

  • The Blue Vector system works with any type of wireless tag or reader
  • Use long-range battery-assisted tags to instantly find tools, parts, containers, and vehicles
  • Track containers and conveyances using inexpensive passive RFID tags
  • Instant notification of out-of-place items

Item-level Visibility in Production

  • Use RFID to detect the actual location of each item, not where it is supposed to be.
  • Scan items within cases and containers without opening them
  • Real-time updates sent to shop floor and ERP systems

100% Shipment Accuracy

  • Scan every item wirelessly as it is loaded
  • Use text displays to notify workers of missing or incorrectly-loaded items
  • Use alarms to enforce process rules
  • Automatically trigger order completion and the creation of Advance Shipping Notices

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Product Sheet: Manufacturing Solutions

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