Product Showcase

  1. Shrink-Fit Machines
    Techniks Induction Shrink-Fit Machines

    Our induction heat machines are the state of the art when it comes to shrink-fit. Localized induction heating allows you to quickly change tools in a few seconds, either right in the spindle or off-line.

  2. GeoNEST
    GeoNEST is a family of powerful nesting products
    Provides maximum resistance to pulling with over 4,000 lbs. of pull strength
  4. Moldex-FlowPack
    Predicts the process dynamics of mold filling/packing stages of the injection molding cycle to ensure quality parts for today's ever-competing market.
  5. Adjustable Tool Pallet
    This pallet eliminates the expense to build or purchase new pallets for new or non-standard sized tools.
  6. CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder Model QT425
    CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder Model QT425 is a heavy duty grinding machine capable of grinding complete smaller tool in one chucking.
  7. CNC Professional - Introduction
    CamSoft's PC-Based CNC Machine Tool Control for Windows is a software and/or hardware toolkit that allows you to create and customize your own controller for any 2 to 8 axis CNC machine tool
  8. Manufacturing - Molding
    Our molding group is a premier custom molder that engineers time and cost-effective solutions to your most challenging injection molding applications. Our highly skilled and experienced work force, up-to-date production machinery, and state of the art measurement systems, provide you with the highest precision molded parts to the most demanding tolerances.
  9. Single Stroke Honing System
    The MHS Single Stroke Honing Systems is designed for high production, modular bore sizing and finishing systems. It utilizes single-pass plated tools that provide precise bore size, geometry, and surface finish.
  10. Software Training
    Anderson CAD/CAM, Inc. offers training for its products at
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