Adjustable Tool Pallet

Source: Adjustable Tool Pallet
This pallet eliminates the expense to build or purchase new pallets for new or non-standard sized tools.
This patented design eliminates the necessity for having a separate pallet for each tool diameter. We have pallets that accept all shapes and shank diameters of 0.025" up to 0.500" and special ordered pallets for diameters of up to 1.250". This pallet eliminates the expense to build or purchase new pallets for new or non-standard sized tools. An ideal product for automated tool manufactures, as well as, the perfect tool-handling system for manual tool production. We have constructed this lightweight pallet from aluminum and stainless steel, therefore resistant to any tool cleaners. An easy thumb wheel allows you to adjust the pallet to your desired sized tool.

Manual Tool Production
The adjustable tool pallet is perfect as a tool-handling device for manual grinding operations. Control your inventory throughout the entire production cycle - from the point when the order comes in to actual shipment. Managing your tool orders becomes more efficient and cost effective. This pallet is sturdy enough to handle all of your precious tools. An adjustable tool pallet is easy to use and store, durable and inexpensive for the amount of time and energy it will save. It allows for full control of your tool production orders.

Automated Tool Production
Place the adjustable tool pallet directly on your CNC grinder without any adjustments and since the tool depth is the same there is no mechanical adjustments (no reprogramming of your robot or gripper) necessary. We recommend purchasing two adjustable tool pallets per tool range in order to have one ready and waiting while the other pallet contains the completed tools.

We have designed the adjustable tool pallet to specifically fit the following machine grinders and if you do not see your machine listed, we can design an adjustable tool pallet for your grinder model.

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