News | August 12, 2022

Andretti, BIG DAISHOWA To Discuss How UNILOCK Workholding Reduced Setup Times At IMTS

With the help of UNILOCK modular workholding, Charlie Mitchell, Manufacturing Engineer, Andretti Autosport, has managed to reduce many of his setup times by 70-80%. He’ll join BIG DAISHOWA product specialist, John Zaya, on stage at IMTS to explain how he did it and how other metalworking operations can do it too.

Presentation: Race Team Hits the Mark with Help of Workholding System
When: Wednesday, September 14; 3:15 pm – 4:10 pm CT
Where: West Building, W193-B

“Charlie is nothing short of a legend,” John Zaya, BIG DAISHOWA product specialist, said. “He’s seen and handled just about everything a fast-paced racing team shop can throw at you. It’s been really exciting to see the inventive ways he takes full advantage of our workholding. I’m looking forward to taking the stage with him at IMTS to demonstrate how other shops can increase productivity and save time too.”

In an environment where a small efficiency advantage, multiplied over thousands of cycles can have increasingly dramatic impacts, zero-point workholding systems like UNILOCK reduce process setup and changeover time without sacrificing accuracy and repeatability. With the flip of a simple clamping switch, these systems maintain impeccable accuracies and strength while allowing for extreme modularity and quick changing of fixtures/parts.

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