News | August 4, 2021

BIG KAISER Offers Largest, Longest Mill Holders Yet With Smart Damper Vibration Control

BIG KAISER has expanded its lineup of Smart Damper-equipped, arbor-style face mill holders. This new holder is the largest and longest milling tool BIG KAISER has offered yet. It supports face mills with diameters of 3", 4", 80mm or 100mm with an arbor pilot diameter of either 1" or 27mm.

The Model SDF57 assembly has an outside diameter of 2.83" and allows users of 3" face mills to access up to 19.68" of reach, the longest tool assembly in the industry using standard components. Face milling components used in construction equipment, aerospace and oil/gas industries will see the most opportunity for this new tool holder with vibration dampening, where long reaches are common.

Smart Damper enables quiet, vibration-free milling, even in long-projection assemblies. The integral design of Smart Damper shortens the distance from the damping mechanism to the cutting edge. This produces higher damping effects to the tool assembly, minimizing chatter or vibration for better surface finishes and improved metal removal rates.

The new Smart Damper face mill holder is available for BBT50, BCV50 and HSK-A100 shank styles.