News | January 19, 2023

BORA® Tool Adds New Saw Plate With Tool-Free Saw Mounting To Their Saw Guide Lineup

Troy, MI /PRNewswire/ - BORA® Tool, a leading manufacturer of tools and woodworking accessories, has added a new saw plate to their line of Saw Guides.

The all-new BORA® NGX Saw Plate RT incorporates revolutionary NEW technology that offers quick, tool-free saw mounting and helps make sure every cut is clean and smooth. Compatible with the BORA® NGX & WTX Clamp Edges, the saw plate's new intuitive, easy-to-use design is adjustable to fit most circular saws. Simply connect the saw plate to the clamp edge using the accurate t-track connector and snap in a circular saw. Align the circular saw's built-in indicator with the saw plate's cut line and make perfect cuts every time.

"When we designed the new saw plate, we wanted to deliver a smooth action and track saw like accuracy. The saw plate delivers this performance and includes a revolutionary clamping mechanism for your saw that requires no tools! These features provide users with the pro results they expect and the speed and flexibility they deserve." said Rod Bonham, Product Manager at BORA® Tool.

Key Features of the new NGX Saw Plate RT include:

  • Tool Free Saw Mounting
  • Adjustable to Fit Most Circular Saws
  • Accurate Cuts Every Time
  • Compatible with NGX & WTX Saw Guides
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For a complete list of retailers, visit or call 248-588-0395.

About BORA® Tool
BORA® Tool is a manufacturer of woodworking tools and workshop accessories designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks, and help produce consistent professional results. From the professional job site to the garage, BORA® tools serve a variety of markets, including building and remodeling, DIY, industrial, and woodworking. For more information, visit

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