News | August 2, 2018

Cortec's EcoLine Biodegradable Drilling Rod Grease To Replace Petroleum-Based Counterpart

Constant vibration in drilling operations causes friction and wear on drilling rods. To reduce this wear and increase efficiency, standard aluminum-thickened greases are used to provide extreme pressure protection. Unfortunately, these greases are traditionally petroleum-based and not biodegradable, raising concern about leakage and disposal issues in environmentally sensitive areas.

Cortec has released an eco-friendly alternative called EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease, a premium quality biobased and biodegradable lubricant for drilling rod applications. EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease contains extreme pressure additives for excellent protection where constant drilling vibration creates a high load on drilling rod joints. This biobased, biodegradable grease is recommended for use in environmentally sensitive areas near waterways. EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease can be used wherever there is a need to

  • Reduce friction and wear
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Provide extreme pressure protection
  • Replace standard non-biodegradable petroleum-based grease

EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease is formulated from vegetable oils and aluminum complex based thickener. It offers superior lubricity with a better coefficient of friction than most petroleum-based grease. EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease also has a higher flash point than most petroleum greases, increasing safety and allowing use in high temperature applications. It is formulated to be applied to wet surfaces and is available in NLGI grades 1, 2, and 3. Other important characteristics of EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease are that it:

  • Meets the EPA's Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) criteria
  • Meets the USDA's proposed biobased product definition for EO 13101
  • Is not toxic to plants

Whether the need is to find a lubricant suitable for drilling operations in environmentally sensitive areas, or simply to choose a sustainable product made from renewable materials, EcoLine Drilling Rod Grease offers the necessary lubrication and pressure protection in an eco-friendly biobased package.

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Source: Cortec Corporation