News | February 17, 2012

Die Profiler Tool Now Available With Protective Finger Sleeves To Reduce Vibration


Falcon Tool Company, Inc. announces a new protective finger sleeve for use with the Di-Profiler reciprocating hand piece.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) - Falcon Tool Company, Inc. has announced a new protective finger sleeve for use with the Di-Profiler reciprocating hand piece. The sleeve greatly reduces the potential for harmful vibration by isolating the operator's fingers from moving tools. The Di-Profiler tool is used to deburr, file, polish or stone molds and dies.

The new Di-Profiler finger sleeves attach to the Di-Profiler hand-held reciprocating tool ("Die Profiler"). They improve the system's ergonomics by allowing fingers to guide the polishing / filing tool over the workpiece. Each finger sleeve comes with an extension rod for longer tools as well as the standard rod. In addition to the sleeves, Die-Profilers have a rubber cushion grip surrounding the body of the tool to further absorb vibration. Finger sleeves are available for either the Classic Di-Profiler, (1/8" tool holder), or the Heavy Duty Classic Di-Profiler, (1/4" tool holder).

Falcon offers an extensive array of tools for die profile reciprocating machines, including Swiss rifflers, Swiss needle files, steel files, diamond riffle files, diamond files and mounted square felts. Di-Profiler tools are used by mold makers, toolmakers and die-sinkers to speed the polishing or filing process.

Falcon Tool Company, Inc. sells a complete line of fine tools for mold makers, die makers, engravers, die sinkers and tool rooms, including files, polishing stones, carbide and HSS tools and burs, mounted points, grinding wheels, precision measuring instruments and abrasives. The company is located at 7500 Hub Parkway, Cleveland, OH 44125.


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