News | April 15, 2009

Quest Technologies Introduces The EVM-3 And EVM-4 Environmental Monitors

Source: 3M Detection Solutions

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Brochure: EVM Series Environmental Monitoring

Oconomowoc, WI - Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the EVM-3 and EVM-4 to our environmental monitoring series of instrumentation. While both units feature the durability, quality and overall design of the EVM-7, the EVM-3 is optimized for particulate concentration measurement and the EVM-4 offers parameters specific to indoor air quality analysis.

EVM-3: Real-Time Direct Reading Particulate Monitor
The EVM-3 provides real-time direct reading of particulate concentrations, along with temperature and relative humidity measurements. The patent-pending dial-in impactors allow for quick selection of particulate settings PM2.5, PM4, PM10 or TSP (within the instrument's measurement range) without disassembly. A built-in airsampling pump assists in the collection of particulates while the laserphotometer provides real-time measurement. A standard 25 or 37 mm gravimetric cassette can be utilized for sampling and laboratory analysis, and help provide correlation for real-time direct reading.

EVM-4: Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality
The EVM-4 is designed for comprehensive indoor air quality analysis with its ability to simultaneously monitor and log one toxic gas, carbon dioxide, relative humidity and temperature. The instrument's compact size and easy-to-read display of parameters simplify indoor air quality assessment. This versatile monitor features a tripod mount and security code protection for unattended stationary studies. Additionally, the EVM-4 offers calculation of room air exchange rates with carbon dioxide trending algorithms for in-depth air quality evaluation (with QuestSuite™ Professional II software).

User-Friendly Features - Straightforward Commands
All instruments within the EVM series offers a wide range of user-friendly features. The large display, standard menu driven user interface and straightforward commands simplify particulate concentration and air quality monitoring. Sampling studies stored in the instrument's memory can later be downloaded into QuestSuite™ Professional II software for analysis, charting and graphing.

For additional information on the EVM series of environmental monitoring instrumentation, click here.

About Quest Technologies
Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is a world class manufacturer and leader in the field of occupational safety, industrial hygiene and environmental instrumentation. Quest products are used in more than 80 countries worldwide. Quest has a reputation for rugged, reliable instrumentation and software systems that monitor and evaluate occupational and environmental health and safety hazards including noise, vibration, heat stress, indoor air quality and toxic/combustible gases. Quest monitoring instruments serve a variety of occupations and industries with clients in mining, research, enforcement, military, education, insurance and manufacturing business sectors.

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Brochure: EVM Series Environmental Monitoring

SOURCE: 3M Detection Solutions