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Festool Unveils Breakthrough Cordless Table Saw: Power And Precision Anywhere, For Every Project

Premium Tool Manufacturer Redefines Versatility with an Exciting Line-up of New Solutions for Unparalleled Performance on Any Job, at Any Site

Lebanon, IN /PRNewswire/ - Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered, and durable power tool solutions, today announced a new range of offerings designed to tackle everything, anywhere. Available beginning September 6, 2023, the CSC SYS 50 Cordless Table Saw, TSV 60 K Track Saw, CXS 18 Cordless Drill, TXS 18 Cordless Drill, CXS 12 Cordless Drill, RSC 18 Cordless Reciprocating Saw, CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor and Systainer ToolBag offer innovative solutions for professional tradespeople seeking powerful tools to tackle any job.

"At Festool, we take pride in continually answering the call for innovative solutions that evolve with professionals' needs, no matter the task or the site," said Rick Bush, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Festool. "The CSC SYS 50 Cordless Table Saw represents this philosophy perfectly. This compact companion is engineered to deliver versatility and precision, regardless of your work environment. It's a workshop on-the-go, delivering corded performance without the cord. The CSC SYS 50 is redefining what's possible in portability and precision, empowering professionals to experience shop precision and performance on the jobsite."

    1. CSC SYS 50 Cordless Table Saw: The Epitome of Versatility – Built for Everything, Anywhere

  • Incredibly compact. Extremely versatile. Portable and precise, the CSC SYS 50 cordless table saw produces shop-quality cuts on the job site while being so compact it fits into a Systainer. Impressively versatile, the saw produces parallel cuts of up to 11" (280 mm), a cross-cut width of up to 17-3/4" (450 mm), and bevel cuts of -10° to 47°.
  • Precise Cuts with a Push of a Button. Set the height and angle accurately to a tenth of a millimeter (1/256") with unique digital operation—more exact than any tape measure. Even the most demanding cuts are a breeze with unprecedented precision. The robust guidance system is made up of a rip fence, a miter gauge, and a sliding table.
  • No Cord, No Problem. Even for rip cuts in solid wood, users won't notice any difference in power compared with corded machines. Impressively powerful thanks to the 2x18V dual-battery system in combination with the brushless EC- TEC motor.

    2. TSV 60 K Track Saw: The Perfectionist – Promising Perfect Cuts, Every Time

  • Complete System For Premier Processing: A new track saw with scoring functionality, the TSV 60 K enables precise work for the most demanding tasks, no matter the jobsite. When paired with Festool system accessories, the saw achieves clean cuts whether stationary or not.
  • Perfect, Portable Cuts: Offering the perfect cut in a portable format, the TSV 60 K is 'The Perfectionist' of the Festool family of track saws. Complete with a built-in scoring blade that can be adjusted for absolute precision, quality, splinter-free cuts are practically guaranteed. With the TSV 60 K, the first cut is the final cut.
  • Constant, Powerful Capacity: The brushless EC-TEC motor makes the TSV 60 K virtually maintenance-free and extremely powerful. The high-speed motor enables effortless work progress with less force. Plus, the integrated KickbackStop helps to reduce the risk of kickback and damage to the material during sawing or plunge cutting.

   3. Three New Cordless Drills: Meet the Mini Monsters – Mini in Size, Monsters on the Job

  • CXS 18 Cordless Drill: This compact, practical yet powerful, 18V power drill-driver boasts a lightweight, C-shaped design perfect for on-the-go usage. Compatible with the existing 18V Festool drill system, the CXS 18 is built for user convenience, featuring a belt clip for ambidextrous usage and an integrated bit holder for easy storage.
  • TXS 18 Cordless Drill: An alternative to the CXS 18, the TXS 18 replicates its features but in a T-shaped design. Both 18V power cordless drills, equipped with the CENTROTEC system and FastFix interface, facilitate easy swapping of attachments. They also feature a convenient LED light for dark-corner applications.
  • CXS 12 Cordless Drill: The CXS 12 delivers high power in a small package. Fully loaded with compact batteries, a magnetic bit holder, LED light control, high/low range, an electronic drive clutch, and a removable belt clip, it's conveniently compact for tight spaces and daily use. This 12V drill is neatly packed in a Systainer for added portability.

   4. RSC 18 Cordless Reciprocating Saw: Mighty Power, Smooth Cuts – Built for Tough Conditions

  • Extreme Power: The powerful brushless EC-TEC motor combined with a switch-activated pendulum stroke produces fast and smooth cuts, every time. The new cordless reciprocating saw from Festool is powerful and easy to use. And with innovative vibration control, power is directly applied to the sawing action to reduce user fatigue.
  • Extreme Durability: Built for the toughest day-to-day jobsite applications, the RSC 18 offers quality you can count on. The motor provides a long-lasting, smooth and constant power source that can handle the harsh conditions of demolition and renovation work. Thanks to the low level of vibration, users don't have to worry about wear and tear after years of use – the tool is built for a long lifetime of service.
  • Extreme Convenience: A focused range of high-quality, task-specific blades help users conquer nearly any application. The tool-free quick-release mechanism plus saw blade changes makes it easy to avoid direct contact with a hot blade, for no lost time swapping from task to task. With the machine and saw blades neatly stored in a Systainer, it is easy to transport the saw and accessories from site to site.

    5. CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor: Simply Practical – High-Performance Extraction for Large Jobs

  • Compact In Size, Robust In Capabilities: With compact dimensions, a low weight and robust chassis, the CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor is designed to be easy to transport to the largest dust and dirt extraction jobs.
  • Long-Lasting For Longer Jobs: Despite its compact size, the dust extractor features a 6.6-gallon container volume that is designed so the full container volume can be used. This enables long periods over work over long work days, without a need to change the filter bag.
  • Adjustable For Individual Needs: With an intuitive touch control panel in place of rotary knobs, the CT 25 enables extremely simple operation. Even when wearing gloves and with dirt build up, the touch control panel is easy to operate. For a personalized experience for every job, the suction power can be set to the corresponding application in five levels to find the best application for the job.

    6. New Accessories: Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness for Every Job

  • Systainer3 ToolBag: Boost your efficiency and organization with the Systainer³ ToolBag. This robust solution ensures secure storage and easy transport of hand tools and accessories, making it an ideal companion for any job. The interior pockets can be arranged to your preference, accommodating a variety of tools. Fully compatible with all Systainer generations and mobile Dust Extractors, it's the seamless solution for tool management.
  • Brad Point Drill Bits: Discover precision with the new Brad Point Drill Bits, specifically designed for clean, exact holes in wood and plastic. Centrotec Shank ensures a firm, non-slip engagement and the precision-ground steel tip stays sharp longer for consistently precise drilling. Enjoy a more streamlined, efficient experience with reduced weight and overall length, enhancing your control and comfort.

Starting September 6, 2023, the CSC SYS 50 (576821) will be available starting at $1,499.00, TSV 60 K (576735) will be available starting at $999.00, CXS 18 (576887) & TXS 18 (576901) will be available starting at $249.00, CXS 12 (576868) will be available starting at $299.00, RSC 18 (576950) will be available starting at $369.00, CT 25 Mobile Dust Extractor (577533) will be available starting at $485.00, Systainer ToolBag (577501) will be available for $199.00 and Brad Point Drill Bit Set (577483) will be available for $99.00. For more information, visit

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