News | November 15, 2022

Flexible Gripper For Small Components Ensures Maximum Process Safety

SCHUNK has developed a versatile gripper for small components for handling of delicate and fragile workpieces. The intelligent EGK proves its strength in challenging and varied tasks in the laboratory industry or electronics manufacturing.

Smaller, finer, more sensitive - in many industrial sectors products need to be handled gently. For example, in lab automation, where the handling of samples, vials or trays must be done safe and reliably, or in the electronics industry when handling circuit boards. Maximum process reliability is required in all cases. For this purpose, the automaton specialist has designed a sensitive gripper that is versatile in use and in terms of connectivity, and at the same time meets the high demands of cleanroom environments.

Gripping force maintenance for reliable processes
The new electric gripper for small components EGK offers maximum process safety in the handling process Its spur gear with pinion/rack principle ensures a constant gripping force over the entire finger length and allows permanent re-gripping. Since no start-up distance or force impulse is required for power generation, the gripper delivers 100% of its performance right fom the start. The integrated gripping force maintenance avoids the loss of workpieces and holds the finger position even in the event of an emergency stop. The high-resolution, integrated absolute encoder offers additional process transparency. It permanently captures the base jaws position. Therefore, the gripping process can be continued after power failure or reboot without new referencing. Due to the long freely programmable jaw stroke and the continuously adjustable gripping force from 20 to 300 N depending on the gripper size, there is a high degree of flexibility of the large range of components: various workpieces can be handled with the same gripper. For sensitive gripping of particularly fragile workpieces, SCHUNK has equipped the EGK with a special "SoftGrip" mode, in which almost no impulse forces are acting.

Reliable in cleanrooms
The cleanroom-certified gripper convinces in all fields of application, where hygiene is particularly important. It is equipped with a food-compliant H1-greasing by default and has a sophisticated three-stage sealing concept, which effectively protects gears and electronic components and minimizes wear. Its control and power electronics are also fully integrated and are sealed according to protection class IP 67. After contact with fluids, for example during regular cleaning cycles in the laboratory, it works absolutely reliable.

Saves time during commissioning
Users have all the options of the EGK in terms of connectivity and can therefore determine the functional scope of the intelligent component themselves. It has a unique variety of interfaces and can be integrated into all relevant networks: PROFINET, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, IO-Link and Modbus RTU. Supplied robot plugins or PLC function modules additionally reduce the programming effort during commissioning. SCHUNK offers the EGK in three sizes 25, 40 und 50 inten variants each, with or without brake.

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Source: SCHUNK