News | May 17, 2022

From Silver To Gold

Tiger·tec Gold for universal use in all Walter milling tools

With the Tiger·tec Gold grade WSP45G, Walter developed a generation of indexable inserts capable of approx. 30 percent more performance, which represents a technological leap in ISO P, M and S; in steel they even achieve up to 75 percent higher performance. After Walter had initially introduced the indexable inserts for the latest milling tools, Xtra·tec XT, Walter BLAXX and M4000, the second phase of the launch added indexable inserts for further Walter milling cutters, such as the Xtra·tec shoulder, helical and slotting milling cutters, as well as for high-feed and copy milling cutters. With the third phase of the launch, the PVD grade WSP45G, now complete, Tiger·tec Gold can now be used universally: The user can now use the latest Tiger·tec Gold grade WSP45G in all manufacturer milling cutters.

Vital to the grade's performance, which is unrivalled on the market, is the coating technology and its special layer structure: The gold-coloured ZrN top layer facilitates exceptional friction characteristics as well as excellent wear detection. The multi-layered aluminium oxide coating (Al2O3) makes the inserts temperature-resistant. The TiAlN layer and the carbide substrate as a foundation increase the wear resistance. These properties make the inserts ideal for challenging conditions, such as interrupted cuts, long overhangs with a tendency to vibrate or for wet machining. With the new grade, users can now harness the full benefits of Tiger·tec Gold in all Walter milling cutters, be it the much longer tool life, higher cutting values or more process reliability.

Source: Walter AG