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Gardner Abrasives

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Disc grinding, as it is commonly called, can be either horizontal or vertical depending on spindle orientation. Regardless, Gardner machines feature an easily automated process, with programmed head feeds and/or servo motor control. And these units provide SPC compatible electronic controls for gaging.

Single Disc Horizontal
Single disc grinders feature simple piecepart tooling, and are CBN/Diamond capable. These units remove large amounts of stock in one pass, and eliminate some lapping operations as well as the special tooling required for second-side machining.

Rotary Carrier
With rotary carrier fixtures, pieceparts are traversed in an arc across the grinding wheel. This is the second highest production method. Grinding can be accomplished by a continuous movement of the rotary carrier tooling for high production or using a servo drive for the carrier fixture, tooling can be oscillated while wheels plunge cut towards the part for lower production rates and more precise tolerances. Normally the carrier tooling is a disc with multiple opening to accommodate the piecepart periphery.

Gardner Machine Features:
Wheel support: Abrasive wheel and spindle rigidly supported by the wheelhead assembly and machine column.

Wheelfeed system capable of precise advance of grinding wheelhead, while resisting heavy grinding thrust loads.

Work support:
Workpieces are properly and accurately supported in tooling and brought into contact with abrasive face in the most efficient manner.

Abrasive headsetting:
The angular relationship of the abrasive wheel (headsetting) are easily and quickly adjustable. The precise headsetting once set, remains fixed.

Power rotated, with indexing mechanism for ease of handling and automation compatibility.

Other carrier tooling include hardened bushings for long wear life and special V-block type carriers with clamped hold-down attachments. Carriers are designed by application engineers to suit the process.

Manufacturing Headquarters
Gardner Abrasives; A Unova Company
481 Gardner Street
South Beloit, IL 61080
VOICE: 815-389-2251
FAX: 815-389-5203