News | February 2, 2024

GEARWRENCH Launches MEGAMOD Master Mechanics Tool Sets, Giving Mechanics New Options For Customization And Flexibility

Five new MEGAMOD sets offer the ultimate experience with a mix of high-performance tools and modular foam storage trays in a top-quality storage box

Sparks, MD /PRNewswire/ - Something MEGA is coming to GEARWRENCH consumers, in a way only the most organized mechanics could imagine. Auto technicians have dreamed of owning master mechanics tool sets that not only include a large storage toolbox with a high-piece tool count, but additional shop equipment organized in foam trays that fit into the toolbox drawers. GEARWRENCH is making that dream a reality.

GEARWRENCH launched five new MEGAMOD Master Mechanics Tool Sets: MEGAMOD1268, MEGAMOD1024, MEGAMOD873, MEGAMODPRO and MEGAMODMRO. These sets range from 614 to 1,268-piece tool sets with multiple storage boxes and tools nested in modular foam trays that fit in the drawers of the toolboxes and shop equipment products.

With these tool sets, GEARWRENCH is solving the problem most technicians face when it comes to owning the ultimate tool set.

  • Including the best mix of high-performance tools in a top-quality storage box
  • Offer technicians modularity of their toolboxes with the tools pre-nestled in foam storage trays that can be placed in a variety of different locations in the toolboxes.
    • Making sure the right tool is at your fingertips.
    • Letting you organize your tools your way.
  • Allowing you to own tools at an affordable price and not going into years of debt.
    • These sets offer a value of more than $10,000 in savings compared to competitors.

The individual five new MEGAMOD sets offer tools from more than 15 different product categories, including award-winning GEARWRENCH products such as the Bolt Biter Extraction products, 90T Ratchets, sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and a 120XP torque wrench. The three largest sets include tools fitted into premium silver top foam modular trays, and the two smallest set tools are in the standard black modular foam trays.

A breakdown of the tool sets and their contents:.


  • 1,261 tools in 27 Premium Silver Modular Trays
  • Two GSX Storage Units including a 72" Stainless Steel Top GSX cabinet
  • Five Workshop Equipment Products


  • 1,017 Tools in 21 Premium Modular Trays
  • Two GSX Storage Units including a 52" Stainless Steel Top GSX cabinet
  • Five Workshop Equipment Products


  • 871 Tools in 18 Premium Modular Trays
  • Two 41" GSX Storage Units


  • 789 Tools in 12 Black Modular Trays
  • Two 26" GSX Storage Units


  • 613 Tools in 11 Modular Trays
  • One 42" GSX Storage Unit

See what MEGAMOD tool set is right for you here.

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