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GeoNEST is a family of powerful nesting products
GeoNEST is a family of powerful nesting products specifically designed for 2-axis profile cutting applications like Plasma, Oxyfuel, Laser, Router, Waterjet and Plasma/Laser-Punch. With GeoPOINT, punch only machines can also be fully supported. GeoNEST is available in four levels of automation: Standard, Standard Plus, Advanced and Professional. Each level accepts part geometry from existing CNC files or CAD drawing exchange files such as DXF, DGN, IGES, and EPS files (AutoCAD DWG optional). From the simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop nesting of GeoNEST Standard to the fully automatic profile nesting of GeoNEST Advanced or Professional, GeoNEST will meet the needs of any fabricator or manufacturer.

GeoNEST Standard
An easy-to-use, mouse-based, "drag-and-drop" system, that is well suited for applications where the number of parts to be nested is limited. The user has full control over part placement and angle. Features including automatic part interference detection, bumping, plate cropping, variable shape part generator, and multi-torch cutting enhance the nesting process. User defined CAD layers allow fully automatic processing of CAD drawings with multiple process (cutting, marking, etc.) support. All versions of GeoNEST include advanced editing, that provides fully integrated editing/movement of lead-in/out position and style, corner loops, stitch-cuts (tabs) and feedrate/kerf control.

GeoNEST Standard Plus
GeoNEST Standard Plus builds on the nesting features of GeoNEST Standard to speed interactive nesting. Clusters or groups of parts can be created automatically or by the user, then added to the part tool bar. Parts or clusters can be arrayed in the X and/or Y direction at an automatically or user specified spacing. Automatic rectangular nesting on rectangular plates and auto cropping of nests are also included.

GeoNEST Advanced
GeoNEST Advanced adds fully automatic profile nesting on rectangular or circular plates (remnant and skeleton plates optional) to the GeoNEST Standard Plus features. The state-of-the-art nesting algorithm recognizes and nests using true part geometry. Flexible, user configurable nesting strategies allow the user to tailor the nesting algorithm to his or her unique application. To further enhance material utilization, GeoNEST Advanced automatically nests in the void areas between and inside of parts. All of the powerful interactive nesting features are available at any time, allowing the user to easily switch between automatic and interactive nesting with a click of the mouse. GeoNEST Advanced also includes automatic plate cropping and collision avoidance.

GeoNEST Professional
GeoNEST Professional adds four of the most popular option packages (Chain Cutting, Common Line Cutting, Part and Plate Inventory, and Cost and Production Analysis to the GeoNEST Advanced feature set, providing a nesting product for the most demanding applications.
Each level of GeoNEST can be further tailored by adding option packages to meet specific needs. A Windows-based DNC program is included with each GeoNEST system for downloading of CNC files to your cutting machine.

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