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Since its inception in 1976, Anderson-O'Brien Software has always represented the newest advances in sheet
Since its inception in 1976, Anderson-O'Brien Software has always represented the newest advances in sheet metal manufacturing processes. GeoPOINT V provides a full line of solutions, from three-dimensional design and unfolding through NC programming. The latest additions include a powerful 32 bit Windows interface with improved graphics, direct interfaces to Solid Edge, Solid Works, and Pro-Engineer, added options and numerous enhancements, including adding tools "on the fly."

Sheet Layout
From a single part to multiples of one or more, parts may be quickly nested on a sheet in either the CAD environment or in the Windows version of the GAP (GeoPOINT Automatic Programming) module.

Automatic Programming
The Automatic Programming module of GEOPOINT V dramatically reduces NC programming time. The system compares the flat pattern/sheet layout graphics to the tooling library and automatically selects the proper tools per your specifications. A graphics interface then allows easy editting or modification of punching procedures, priorities, cycles, etc. Multiple configurations are permitted for the user with more than one machine to support. Special tool shapes are fully supported and selected automatically. A standard turret setup may be defined for setup time reduction. Part peripheries are automatically handled according to your specifications, including generation of user-specified micro joints (shaker tabs), configurable for different material thicknesses.

Torching or burning operations including any laser or plasma type methods are fully supported. You have control over cut entry and exit, cycles, trap doors, cutting conditions, cutter compensation, etc. This includes any punch/burn combination machines.

NC Output
Once punching and/or burning parameters have been defined, they are automatically written to a source level language. Then GeoPOINT V tool sorts, optimizes tool paths, automatically repositions (if necessary) to avoid clamps or for long parts, and creates an NC file complete with subroutines and canned cycles for your specific machine tool. Setup sheets are automatically created according to your specifications as an integral part of the NC file or as a separate document. Customizable setup sheets may contain information including sheet size and weight, cycle time as well as all necessary data for operator setup and run. Files are ready for downloading, printing, or punching - whatever your needs may be.

Increased NC Efficiency
GeoPOINT V eliminates the costly waste associated with manual programming and shop floor trial runs. After a part has been nested, the system generates and displays the tool hits and motion of the machine tool, verifying full optimization.

Features include:

Automatic repositioning
Utilization of machine canned cycles
Tool sorting
Shortest path optimization
Duplicate hit removal
Clamp violation detection
Optimization on either side of a reposition
Tool reassignment capability
Bridge Punching
Customized post processors
Capability to edit or modify NC source
Integrated right-angle shearing package

One of the key benefits of GeoPOINT V is its ability to be adapted to your specific needs. The GeoFOLD module uses values supplied by you to achieve the results you require for flat pattern development. The GAP module chooses tooling to meet your specified requirements. Separate
parameter files may be created for different punching styles. A common tool library may be set up for all of your machines or separate ones for various die clearances may be desired. Each post processor is tailored for your machine - guaranteed to work.

Easy to Use
GeoPOINT V's 32 bit Windows based system with our new and improved graphics and icons is user-friendly to ensure that your operators become productive quickly. All modules are completely documented with manuals and tutorials. In addition, if you use Solid Edge, Solid Works, or Pro-Engineer, we will process the flat files directly out of the solid modeller, without having to export and import files.

Optional Modules

Backplotter IV
This feature enables NC tapes of existing parts to be turned back into CAD designs. Now those old parts can be reused and reconfigured into your current manufacturing system.

Parametric Programming
For users with "families" of parts, an unlimited number of additional parts and assemblies may be automatically created through the use of formulas. Pre-production design and programming time can be drastically reduced with an increase in part quality.

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