Company Profile | August 26, 1999


Source: Gibbs & Associates
Gibbs At Gibbs and Associates our goal is to introduce manufacturers to new technologies and ways of working that make their jobs easier, and their businesses more productive. We pursue cutting-edge technology in order to create tools that are intuitive, highly graphic, visual and fun to use. Our motto, "CAD/CAM for Machinists", dictates that creating software that is powerful and usable by machinists is the ultimate yardstick of our success.

In March of 1993, Virtual Gibbs was introduced, providing state-of-the-art technology to the CAM user. This technology includes built-in real-time rendering of the cut part, on-line documentation and training, and multiple process programming, which provides automated programming capabilities.

Gibbs and Associates develops Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solutions that maximize ease of use, productivity, and data compatibility with CAD products. Gibbs and Associates was founded in 1982 by William F. Gibbs to provide NC programming services to the greater Los Angeles area. With the introduction of the Apple Macintosh in 1984, Gibbs and Associates began development of the Gibbs System, CAD/CAM for machinists.

Concurrent with the release of Virtual Gibbs in 1993, was the release of Gibbs SFP (Shop Floor Programming), for in-control programming. First released under the name of CNC Visualizer™ from Fadal Engineering Co., Gibbs SFP is now available in the controls of machinery manufacturers including Cincinnati Milacron, Mori Seiki, and Matsuura.