News | February 12, 2019

Guspro, Inc. Partners With Ohio Tool Works

Chatham, ON (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guspro Inc. is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Ohio Tool Works for the distribution of their honing products in Canada, excluding Alberta - where they are currently sourcing alternative honing solutions.

Guspro Inc. is a diversified 4th generation family business that has evolved over 87 years to continue to provide excellence in product and service. Originally the manufacturer and Canadian distributor of Sunnen Products Ltd. honing machines, the company has diversified into other product lines for both Manufacturing and Distribution to evolve with the changing needs of their customers. Their history of work ethic, experience and willingness to learn from their customers is not only the key to their past but also the reason why they have once again opened the door to their future.

“No longer associated with Sunnen Products Company, we are excited to announce our partnership with Ohio Tool Works (OTW). Our new partner in OTW is expected to bring us a positive change that will benefit our customers,” stated Paul Sunnen, Chairman of the Board, this morning.

“Working with OTW will be like a breath of fresh air in the Canadian Honing Market as we both believe in the value of good customer service with fast, efficient and effective communications. We are excited to show everyone what makes us GREAT with our unmatched Sales, Customer Service & Tech Support team complemented by OTW’s quality, reliability and experienced team. Guspro has proven it is not afraid to make the hard decisions for the future as our company moves away from Sunnen products in order to better serve our customers.”

Ohio Tool Works, an Ashland, Ohio manufacturer of industrial honing equipment, tooling and abrasive products, is pleased with its recent partnership with Guspro, Inc. of Chatham, Ontario for the distribution of their entire line of products throughout most of Canada.

“We know and have respected Guspro for more than 30-years and look forward to leveraging their expertise in the honing industry to advance the sale of our products in Canada. With extensive coverage by trained sales engineers throughout the country, we are now well positioned to provide our existing and potential customers in Canada with the highest level of technical customer care available in our industry. We, along with our partners at Guspro, look forward to discussing the specific needs of our customers and finding engineered solutions for honing requirements throughout the majority of Canada,” said John Hovsepian, a Partner with OTW.

About Guspro Inc.
Founded in 1932, Guspro Inc. is the Canadian manufacturer of Blademaster® skate sharpening equipment and BAYCO® industrial heat-cleaning ovens for global markets. For more information please visit

About Ohio Tool Works
Headquartered in Ashland, Ohio, Ohio Tool Works (OTW) manufactures honing machines, tooling, and abrasives that are used to cut and finish the inside diameter of tubular goods. In early years the company established a reputation for building heavy honing machines that provided a solid foundation and consistent repeatability for users in the oil and gas industries. Since then they've added tooling and abrasives to become a full-service honing supplier across the energy, industrial, aerospace and automotive industries. Visit OTW at for more information.

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