News | October 3, 2019

Heavy-Duty Roughing Of Difficult Materials Made Efficient With TurnTen-Feed's AH8015 Grade

Tungaloy is expanding TurnTen-Feed to include a new insert grade, AH8015, for efficient medium-to-heavy turning of heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel.

TurnTen-Feed incorporates a cost-effective double-sided insert with 10 cutting edges, which is securely clamped on the holder with a Dovetail interlock to ensure high insert reliability and stability during demanding medium-to-heavy turning operations. The dedicated -MNW geometry is designed to provide smooth chip flow when fed at a rate as high as 2.0 mm per rev (.078 ipr) without sacrificing surface integrity thanks to the built-in wiper flat.

Two types of holders are available extending its application options: the HD (High Depth-of-cut) holder for greater depths-of-cut of up to 7.0 mm and HF (High Feed) holder which enables high feed turning of up to 2.0 mm per rev. These 2 types of holders can accommodate either type of insert.

The AH8015 grade consists of a nano-structured multilayer PVD coating with high aluminum content. Its exceptional wear and fracture resistance contributes to process security during machining of heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel as well as significantly boosts productivity in heavy-duty roughing of difficult materials and large components.

At a Glance:

  • Provides high efficiency in machining difficult-to-cut materials thanks to exceptional wear and fracture resistance of AH8015
  • 10-edged double-sided insert clamped with a Dovetail interlock assures cost-effectiveness and process security
  • MNW geometry provides effective chip control during medium-to-heavy turning operations
  • Built-in wiper flat ensures surface integrity at high feed rates
  • Two types of turning holders extend application options
  • Two inserts to be introduced in this expansion

Source: Tungaloy