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Indexable Broaching Systems For CNC Spline Broaching

CNC Broach Tool LLC offers Spline Broaching Inserts in 7-10 Days

Laguna Beach, CA /PRNewswire/ - Many machine shops vend out the broaching process to specialty broaching houses when there are splines required in the part they are manufacturing. A CNC Broach Tool client recently explained that they shipped thousands of parts a month across the country and 20% of those parts, a 30 year US Navy legacy part, would come back scrapped. The client wanted to bring the spline broaching process into their own machine shop to save on shipping time and control their own destiny as a manufacturer. But when the client asked the broaching house for the return of the special spline tooling they had purchased to have their own part manufactured, they were stone-walled. Clearly this broaching house did not want to lose the business. CNC Broach Tool swiftly developed the spline broaching inserts and tooling capable of cutting the involute spline form.

With the help of the indexable broaching system offered by CNC Broach Tool LLC the client is saving significant money from NOT having to ship parts across the country and receive scrap back. As well as the time savings of NOT waiting for months to have parts returned.

CNC Broach Tool has always offered in stock keyway broaches and has developed the resources to deliver spline broaching inserts for their indexable broaching systems. CNC Broach Tool LLC now offers spline broaching inserts in 7-10 business days upon print approval. Competitors lead times are 12-14 weeks in comparison as they are coming from overseas. CNC Broach Tool is the only Made in America, indexable-broaching-system for use in cnc lathes and cnc mills.

Blind Spline Broaching is possible with the indexable broaching system from CNC Broach Tools. Visit the Blind Broaching page here for visuals of relief:

As the manufacturing industry automates, CNC Broaching is "The Future of Broaching" as detailed in this 2007 article Modern Machine Shop article written about our patented broaching product when it was sold through Razorform Tools LLC:

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