News | October 16, 2019

Intelligent Tool Accelerates The Search For And Design Of Grippers

Which gripper type and which sizing are ideal for my application? The intelligent SCHUNK design and selection tool for gripping modules simplifies and accelerates the engineering of handling systems. Just a few details about the gripper type, workpiece, and gripping situation are sufficient for the system to output the right modules from the world's largest standard gripping component range from the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology. Alongside corresponding gripper types extensive technical information, drawings, images, the hit list comprises details on the respective utilization ratio and utilization reason. The tool makes it possible to take full advantage of the high performance capabilities of individual SCHUNK grippers while preventing costly oversizing. In addition, the calculation and design process is speed up. Intelligent logarithms enable a targeted pre-selection of components, the designer and systems planner might not have considered of being a possible solution for their application.

Seamless documentation
Both the hit list, and the individual information can be saved, meaning complete documentation, and archiving of the design, as well as recalculation of the modified information are possible. The data can be always retrieved for follow-up projects. The intuitive, HTML-based tool considers around 2,550 SCHUNK grippers and is always up to date with respect to the gripper types and the technical data. This ensures that designs are always based on the current information. The tool is available at

Source: SCHUNK