News | December 18, 2017

Iscar HeliQuad F90SD-12 Indexable Milling Tools Carry Single-Sided, Square Inserts

Iscar has expanded the HeliQuad line with new milling cutters that carry its S/QDM 1205 single-sided, square inserts. The F90SD-12 face milling cutters feature an advanced design that improves performance when compared to the current tools, the company states.

Incorporating coolant channels with exits directed to the cutting edges and an upgraded Torx Plus (IP) insert clamping screw for more rigid clamping, the face milling cutters offer greater durability and simpler structure with no need for extra accessories such as seats, bushings, and their fasteners. The increased body hardness, combined with Hard Touch coating, improves chip flow and wear/tear resistance.

The new face mills are available in a diameter range of 50 to 200 mm, in coarse and fine pitch configurations.

The new HeliQuad-12 inserts are produced from the company’s SumoTec carbide grades.

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