News | July 20, 2018

Iscar Tool's Gear Milling Tools Feature Replaceable Heads

Iscar Tools Inc. has released replaceable solid-carbide heads for its T-GEAR SD D32-M…-SP15 family, which are mounted in standard T-SLOT SD-SP15 cylindrical shanks. This transforms the latter into a 32-mm-dia. gear milling cutter.

The profile of the cutters’ teeth and the accurate and reliable connection between the shank and the head define its range of use: milling involute gears featuring a 1- to 2-mm module.

Both types of milling cutters (those with indexable inserts and those with replaceable heads) meet the requirements of standard DIN 3972, basic profile II.

T-SLOT, a family of modular milling cutters SD-SP…, was originally developed for milling relatively narrow slots and grooves.

A cutter comprises a shank and an interchangeable solid-carbide head, mounted on the shank with the use of a specially designed SP-connection. The connection ensures a very durable assembly that withstands considerable cutting forces during slot milling, even in cases when a tool works with high overhang. The heads of the same diameter vary in their width. The cutting geometry of the heads is intended for efficient slot milling of different engineering materials.

SOURCE: Iscar Tools Inc.