News | June 18, 2024

Jergens Inc. To Feature Several Five Axis And Top Tooling Innovationsat IMTS Booth #432154

Jergens to display and demonstrate its quick-change workholding innovations at IMTS 2024. Among the advancements are a dual-station vise jaw kit for two-times the productivity in a single setup, a pneumatic version of the company’s 5CV vise for automated applications, and a 2-in-1 Quick-Loc (QL) combination receiver to accept a wider variety of top tooling without the need for adapter plates.

The dual station vise jaw kit is a quick way to convert an existing self-centering vise to accommodate two parts, essentially doubling machining capability. Using a center jaw and screws, the kit takes a matter of minutes to retrofit. The dual station is also compensating, so workpieces do not have to be the same size. Clamping is secure, maintaining the vise’s original holding force specifications.

To further support automated processes, Jergens is offering its 5CV self-centering vise with pneumatic clamping and unclamping. The easy-to-use vise ensures speed, repeatability, and accuracy. Available in both 75mm and 130mm widths, the low-profile design is well suited for five axis applications. The quick-change jaws incorporate a pull-down feature to actively minimize lift. Clamping force is up to 3,500 lbs.

A third addition for Jergens at this year’s show is the 52 mm / 96 mm QL Combination. The new receiver features both common hole patterns integrated into one, allowing operators to use either method, eliminating the need for adapter plates. The higher-flexibility solution accommodates a wider variety of top tooling to simplify operations.

Source: Jergens Inc