Company Profile | August 26, 1999


JobBoss With more than 25 years experience and 55,000 installations worldwide, Kewill ERP is the leading provider of ERP systems for small to mid-size manufacturing enterprises. Kewill represents the safest, most proven combination of leading-edge technology, reliable products and professional services available in the manufacturing world today.

JobBOSS is part of the Kewill family, providing products and services designed specifically for job shops and make-to-order (contract) manufacturers. We have 2600+ installations worldwide.

JobBOSS helps your estimators, shop foremen and office people to manage information day to day for responsive customer service and on-time deliveries. With all shop data located in a single database (Access or SQL), answers to questions are based on fact. Decision makers are informed and in touch with what is really happening on the shop floor and in the office.

The JobBOSS line of products and services are completely compatible with Microsoft Corporation's Windows 95, 98 and NT and Office 2000. And features advanced ERP functionality combined with open system technologies, including client-server architecture.

COMMITMENT - We developed JobBOSS with one goal in mind-to meet your needs. For more than 16 years, we have been LISTENING. Our customers help us design new product offerings and improve existing modules and services by providing on-going feedback.

INNOVATION - JobBOSS Software was the FIRST true 32-bit Windows-based shop management system. We have led the way in offering a full range of Internet based customer service products such as LearnBOSS (computer based training), ChatBOSS (virtual user community) and Kewill.View for JobBOSS (web based customer service tool for YOUR customers).

QUALITY - JobBOSS is the ONLY shop management software with ISO 9001 and TickIt certified product development and delivery processes. We have been certified for the past 7 years! Our quality plan is independently audited every six months to assure that we do what we promise. Being certified assures you that have processes in place to manage our growth -- which ensures we'll be here when you need us years from now.

As pressure increases for shorter cycle times, on-time deliveries and meeting tighter quality standards, JobBOSS gives you the competitive advantage you need to stay on preferred vendor lists and grow your business profitably.