News | September 5, 2019

Klein Tools' Ratcheting Crimper Increases Crimping Power For All-Day Success

Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces the Full-Cycle Ratcheting Crimper, featuring three crimping cavities for use on 10-22 AWG stranded copper wire. Its ergonomic design reduces the force needed to crimp wires and enables consistent, repeatable crimps to help professional electricians get the job done right day in, day out.

Ratcheting Crimper, 10-22 AWG (Cat. No. 3005CR)

  • Crimps insulated terminals onto 10-22 AWG stranded copper wire
  • Adjustable compound action design puts more crimping power into each squeeze, reducing the force needed to complete successful crimps
  • Three crimping cavities in one tool: 22–16 AWG (Red), 16–14 AWG (Blue) and 12–10 AWG (Yellow)
  • Built-in ratchet ensures full-cycle crimping for a uniform crimp every time
  • Unique cavity design provides consistent crimp from either side of the tool
  • Dial adjusts the amount of force applied to the crimp
  • Dual-material molded grips provide added comfort to help reduce hand fatigue

“Crimping insulated terminals onto wire is an essential, everyday function for professional electricians,” says Tyler Winthers, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “Klein’s new Ratcheting Crimper features three crimping cavities in one tool to reduce the number of tools needed to get the day’s tasks done right. Its adjustable compound action design reduces the force required to complete successful crimps with a built-in ratchet to improve consistency. Professionals can expect to complete uniform crimps every time when equipped with this innovative new jobsite solution.”

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Source: Klein Tools