News | March 29, 2022

360° LED Indicator And Swiss-Lathe Solution Added To Base Master Lineup

BIG DAISHOWA has released two new upgrades to its Base Master measuring devices. The first upgrade spans the lineup and replaces a single LED indicator with a 360-degree light, making it easy for operators to see contact from any orientation.

Also, the Base Master Mini is now available with a side handle that makes negotiating limited-access lathes easier. The Base Master Mini’s compact design makes it fast and easy to use while providing extremely accurate results. With a standard height of only 20mm (.787 in.), it’s ideal for small Swiss lathes and tight spaces.

The Base Master lineup is used with all types of machines and materials, including non-conductive cutting tools, workpieces and machine tools. Quickly measure workpiece offsets, tool lengths and cutting edges with zero risk of damage or breakage at submillimeter levels when needed. For maximum flexibility in real-world conditions, the Base Master series offers tight repeatability of only ±0.001mm and solid magnetic bases that mount vertically, horizontally, or at any angle.