News | January 10, 2008

M. K. Morse Announces New Circular Saw Blade For Stainless Steel


Canton, OH - The M. K. Morse Company has developed a new 14" (356mm) circular saw blade engineered for cutting stainless steel. The newest blade in the Metal Devil line of metal cutting circular saw blades combines optimized tooth geometry, vibration dampening, and specialized micro-carbides to provide superior cutting performance and reduced tooth chipping while greatly reducing blade vibration. Results are smooth, fast cuts and a long blade life as well as reduced secondary work. This 90 tooth blade is ideal for cutting thin wall tubing, small bar stock and strip material where smooth, clean cuts are required.

M. K. Morse products are readily available from contractor and industrial supply houses worldwide. For more information, contact The M. K. Morse Company, P.O. Box 8677, Canton, OH 44711, telephone (330) 453-8187 or visit their website at

SOURCE: The M. K. Morse Company