Machine Event Monitoring

Source: Intrepid Enterprises
Managers and supervisors alike are able to quickly respond to critical conditions reported by the system

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Machine Event Monitoring

  • Machine and plant operating performance
  • Machine status and measurement in real-time
  • Alarm on/off standard machine conditions
  • Sensor data collected in real-time and maintained for statistical analysis
  • Open Databases (ODBC) including MS SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and Interbase
  • Windows NT/95 in client/server operating environment


Machine tool monitoring is an effective tool for managing and improving plant performance. Managers and supervisors alike are able to quickly respond to critical conditions reported by the system. Machine tool monitoring is one of several packages offered under a hierarchy of Machine Tool Management Systems provided by Greco Systems.


The manager can easily review the previous day's production status, check on current operating status and review sensor inputs critical to the safe operation of the machines. Production status is an accurate representation of machine utilization during a given period based on actual inputs off the machine. Many inputs can be defined to provide alarm status at a local PC drawing immediate attention of a critical condition. Such inputs might include measurements of fluid levels, hydraulic pressure, temperatures or feed override.


Maintenance personnel will benefit from machine tool monitoring in both maintenance and adhering to preventative maintenance schedules. Information critical to the operation of a machine is displayed for the maintenance department in real-time. Preventative maintenance schedules can be triggered from in-cycle or a combination of inputs which result in actual accumulated run time for a machine.


Machine tool monitoring from Greco Systems can vary in complexity. A simple low cost implementation which might have one or two digital inputs can provide a wealth of information and help improve productivity. More advanced implementation might include spindle load, feed override, axis motion, pressures and temperatures, thus providing a more refined and complete production status and machine status.


A Micro-PLC capable of sensing digital and analog signals is placed at the machine tool. Digital inputs are typically tapped directly off the machine, whereas, a transducer would be mounted on the machine for an analog input. One or more Micro-PLCs plug into a computer operating under Windows NT or Windows 95 and runs the Greco Systems' Data Collection and Communication software.


The Micro-PLC provides for continuous collection of valuable data even if the computer receiving that data is interrupted, i.e., taken off-line or temporarily turned off. The collection of data is transmitted to the computer when placed back on-line. This significantly reduces the vulnerability of real-time measurements, especially when measuring an event which would occur over a long period of time.