News | June 6, 2022

Milwaukee Expands Ground-Breaking Sawzall Blade Solutions

Milwaukee Tool is driven to create innovative reciprocating saw blade solutions that deliver unmatched life and superior cutting versatility—introducing the WRECKER with NITRUS CARBIDE SAWZALL Blade, the longest-lasting, fastest cutting, and most versatile blade for demolition and remodeling jobs.

The WRECKER with NITRUS CARBIDE features a 6TPI design, ideal for the fastest cuts in woods, metals, and abrasives, delivering users with the best demolition blade on the market. This blade eliminates the need for blade changes by having the capability to cut everything from wood with nails to thick metal. Milwaukee's unique carbide blend, NITRUS CARBIDE, delivers the fastest cuts and longest life. This next generation of carbide teeth technology dissipates heat better than any non-Nitrus blade in the industry.

Milwaukee Tool is committed to providing users with accessory solutions that save time and increase productivity on the jobsite. Through their investment in carbide technology, the company continues to lead and drive innovation in the linear edge category by delivering the longest-lasting, most versatile, and fastest-cutting accessories available.

Quick Reference:

  • 6” 6TPI The WRECKER with Nitrus Carbide 48-00-5271 $15.97
  • 9” 6TPI The WRECKER with Nitrus Carbide 48-00-5272 $19.97
  • 12” 6TPI The WRECKER with Nitrus Carbide 48-00-5273 $24.97

Source: Milwaukee Tool