News | January 20, 2020

Milwaukee's PACKOUT Modular Storage System Expands With New PACKOUT Compact Tool Box

Milwaukee Tool continues to revolutionize tool transportation, organization, and storage for the trades with the addition of a PACKOUT Compact Tool Box to their widely popular PACKOUT Modular Storage System. Through an intuitive and quick attachment mechanism, the new PACKOUT Compact Tool Box provides users an additional storage option to stack within existing PACKOUT systems.

Featuring a 75lb weight capacity and Quick-Adjust Dividers, the PACKOUT Compact Tool Box allows users to make internal adjustments to the tool box’s layout in order to accommodate various jobsite materials. Constructed with impact-resistant polymers and an IP65 rated weather seal, the Compact Tool Box is built to withstand harsh jobsite environments.

With the addition of the PACKOUT Compact Tool Box, the Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System now has 20 different products for users to choose from to build out their custom storage solution – making PACKOUT the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.

The PACKOUT Modular Storage System is the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry. An intuitive and quick attachment mechanism gives users the freedom to stack and lock PACKOUT tool boxes, organizers, totes, and bags of different sizes in numerous configurations that best suit their needs. For more information visit

PACKOUT Modular Storage System

Tool Boxes

PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box                                               48-22-8426

PACKOUT Large Tool Box                                                 48-22-8425

PACKOUT Tool Box                                                           48-22-8424

PACKOUT Compact Tool Box                                            48-22-8422—NEW!

Tool Case
PACKOUT Tool Case w/ Customizable Foam Insert         48-22-8450

PACKOUT Organizer                                                         48-22-8430

PACKOUT Compact Organizer                                          48-22-8435

PACKOUT Low-Profile Organizer                                      48-22-8431

PACKOUT Compact Low-Profile Organizer                       48-22-8436

Storage Totes
PACKOUT 20” Tote                                                            48-22-8320

PACKOUT 15” Tote                                                            48-22-8315

PACKOUT 10” Tote                                                            48-22-8310

Tool Bags
PACKOUT 15” Tool Bag                                                     48-22-8321

PACKOUT 20” Tool Bag                                                     48-22-8322

PACKOUT Tech Bag                                                          48-22-8300

PACKOUT Backpack                                                          48-22-8301

PACKOUT Cooler                                                               48-22-8302

Foam Inserts
Customizable Foam Insert (Fits 8424, 8425, 8450)           48-22-8451

PACKOUT Dolly                                                                 48-22-8410

Mounting Plates
PACKOUT Mounting Plate                                                 48-22-8485

PACKOUT Crate                                                                48-22-8440

Source: Milwaukee Tool