News | February 17, 2012

Mollart To Exhibit Hole Solution Expertise At MACH 2012


Mollart Engineering's expertise in the deep hole drilling machine tool, tooling and the provision of precision subcontract machining services will be depicted at MACH 2012 at the NEC in Birmingham with the installation of its latest version of the DrillSprint deep hole drilling machine. Also on the stand will be a range of Botek deep hole drilling tooling plus products from its Bencere production tooling division covering hole deburring, recessing, spot facing and roller burnishing and examples of very complex subcontract components produced by the company.

Mollart has two high technology 14,000 ft² subcontract production facilities in Chessington, Surrey and Resolven, South Wales supplying semiconductor, oil and gas, medical, telecoms and lately international aerospace companies with assembly and high value component machining in often difficult materials.

The high productivity DrillSprint which has a capacity for producing holes between 2 mm and 25 mm dia by up to 1,500 mm deep can be specified with up to four spindles. As part of the design, counter-rotation of the component to the drill can be supplied that minimises any concentricity error from the bore to the outside diameter of the part.

The machine can also be specified with the latest spindle monitoring and drill depth process monitoring while creating major successes in overseas markets is the ability of the deep hole specialist to engineer turn-key packages involving automation through robotic or gantry load systems.

The tooling business of Mollart includes Botek gundrills, BTA and ejector drills able to provide solutions from micro-drilled holes less than 0.5 mm dia to large ejector drilled bores up to 400 mm diameter. The tooling operation of Mollart can also provide trepanning tools able to create bores between 80 mm and 300 mm dia while retaining a central core of material to reduce swarf and is extremely economic when expensive, difficult to machine materials are involved.

While the Bencere wholly-owned range of tooling provides solutions for spot facing, back counterboring, internal recessing, chamfering and hole deburring, through its highly specialised Ecoroll agency a full range of engineered solutions for internal and external roller burnishing can be supplied.

SOURCE: Mollart