Multi-Hole High Speed Drilling

Source: Intrepid Enterprises
A production machine for drilling small holes in hard metals

Intrepid is an exclusive regional sales and service distributor for Amchem.

Multi-Hole High Speed Drilling

A production machine for drilling small holes in hard metals. Up to six CNC axes with high frequency, low inertia brushless D.C motors and optical encoder feedback devices.

Fabricated steel machine base and column

Integral generator and control system cubicles

Windows based operator interface

T.P.M. software

Signature analysis

Control System

Digital servo technology for both machine and EDM axes giving repeatable performance and response

Standard part programming language using familiar M & G codes

Windows NT based operator interface

Large Hard Disk capacity for storage of part programs

Generator programming integrated into CNC operator interface for single point of entry programming

Distributed I/O system using INTERBUS™ technology vastly reduces machine wiring, greatly simplifies machine maintenance, and improving reliability

IEC1131 compatible PLC programming of machine and automation using ladder statement-list and 3 other available languages. PLC may be programmed and monitored on line via external PC connected via a standard serial link and using a Windows compatible "front-end"

Servo tuning software to maintain optimum axis performance of the EDM head

EDM Servo parameters may be automatically updated relative to specific tooling of part programs

Servo tuning software with graphical display available


The very high frequency generator is housed in the machine mounted cabinet

The power leads are manufactured in high quality copper to ensure distinct high frequency pulses are faithfully transmitted

Distributed I/O using interbus communication allows the generator pulse boards to be mounted close to the EDM head

Pulse board output uses multiple high frequency MOSFET technology (pulse width 50ns)

The Amchem Signature Analysis provides an integral quality control instrument based on predicted machine performance


A multi-axis machine especially designed for drilling holes and other apertures in combustion chambers and other cylindrical components.

Standard configuration can accommodate parts up to 1.2m in diameter and 0.5m high. Available with manual or CNC control.