News | September 7, 2021

New Insert Size Maximises Productivity And Process Reliability

Walter presents the Xtra tec XT M5009 and M5012 face milling cutters

With the M5009 and 5012 face milling cutters, Walter is continuing to develop the Xtra tec XT family and is bringing tools for the 12 mm insert size to the market, to accompany those already available for the 9 mm insert size. Both insert sizes can be used in milling cutters with different approach angles: With an approach angle of 45° and thanks to its higher number of teeth, the M5009 (diameter 25–160 mm) is ideal for reduced depths of cut (5 or 6.5 mm) and suitable for reduced machining conditions, for example to increase productivity in mass production. The M5012 (diameter 32–160 mm) has a steep approach angle of 88°, making it possible to work with larger machining conditions and depths of cut (8 or 10 mm) and is less affected by interference contours. Both face milling cutter families are designed for high feed rates per tooth at maximum process reliability. The tools with a medium or large pitch for insert size 12 are designed with carbide shims. These increase the tool life and protect the milling body against damage in the event of an insert fracture. Inclined clamping screws make access easier and shorten the time required to replace inserts.

Both face milling cutters are suitable both for roughing steel and cast iron materials, stainless steels, difficult-to-cut materials and non-ferrous metals, as well as for roughing and finishing work with wiper inserts. They can be equipped with three types of indexable inserts: Square, 8-edge system inserts for different approach angles, double-sided indexable inserts with suitable facet (also with 8 cutting edges; either fully ground or sintered circumference) and with double-sided wiper indexable inserts with two cutting edges. An additional factor is the special aluminium geometry. Combined with Walter Tiger tec cutting tool materials, this increases tool life and cost efficiency. Walter sees the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and general mechanical engineering as classic fields of application. In addition, the positive, soft cutting action, even on low-performance machines, guarantees good results.‚Äč

Source: Walter AG