News | September 19, 2022

New Milwaukee Striking Solutions Deliver Maximum Efficiency On Site

Milwaukee Tool continues to revolutionize the hand tool market with new striking solutions built for the professional trades by introducing a new line of Automotive Hammers, Splitting Axes, and a Drywall Hammer, as well as expanding on an existing line of fiberglass hammers. All new solutions will deliver application-specific features for maximum efficiency on the jobsite.

Automotive Hammers- NEW
Milwaukee Tool continues their commitment to Automotive professionals by introducing new Dead Blow, Steel Ball Peen and Dead Blow Ball Peen Automotive Hammers. All Milwaukee Tool Automotive Hammers are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

True to their name, Milwaukee’s Dead Blow Hammers provide maximum impact with minimal rebound when striking surfaces and feature a precision balanced design to deliver forceful blows with less effort. The Dead Blow Hammer is also designed to provide maximum durability with a steel-reinforced handle.

The Steel Ball Peen Hammer features our SHOCKSHIELD Grip that reduces vibration up to ten times. The peen end can shape, form, and spread metal, while the smooth face strikes punches, and chisels.

The Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer combines the best of both worlds by allowing users to work in tighter areas where precision is needed with minimal rebound. Equipped with an over mold handle and anti-slip grip to provide more control while swinging to strike, the Milwaukee Dead Blow Ball Peen hammers can be used to shape metal.

Splitting Axes- NEW
The Milwaukee 16” Splitting Axe and 26” Splitting Axe offer quicker splits and the most durable handle. The axe’s precision beveled blade and optimized head- weight contribute to splitting wood precisely and efficiently. This wood-splitting axe has a steel reinforced handle that withstands bending, making it the most durable handle, and features a wear-resistant grip to allow users to swing confidently without the grip wearing away over time. For extra utility, the Axes also include a sheath for on-site blade protection and storage.

Drywall Hammer- NEW
The new 15oz Drywall Hammer features our SHOCKSHIELD grip for ultimate vibration reduction. The hammer also features an I-Beam handle that withstands bending and provides increased durability. Made to make striking easier, the new 15oz Drywall Hammer is engineered with a precision balanced design and a milled face that grips nails while reducing missed strikes. The flat top head allows users to strike in tighter areas such as ceilings and corners.

Poly/Fiberglass Hammer- NEW SIZE
Adding to our existing line of Poly/Fiberglass Hammers is the new 21oz Milled Face Poly/Fiberglass Handle Hammer. Complete with a reinforced high-strength handle, the new hammer includes a stronger fiberglass core for added durability on the jobsite. The Poly/Fiberglass Hammer combines a precision balanced design, a milled face, and a magnetic nail set. These features give users more control when striking, increasing productivity on the jobsite with the milled face gripping nails to reduce slippage or mis-strikes.

Product Breakdown:
Automotive Hammers
28oz Dead Blow Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9150 $29.97

48oz Dead Blow Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9151 $35.97

16oz Steel Ball Peen Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9130 $50.97

24oz Steel Ball Peen Hammer- NEW! 48-22-9131 $69.97

16oz Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9140 $50.97

32oz Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9141 $69.97

Splitting Axes
16” Splitting Axe-NEW! 48-22-9061 $39.97

26” Splitting Axe-NEW! 48-22-9062 $46.97

Drywall Hammers
15oz Drywall Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9060 $30.97

Fiberglass Hammers
21oz Milled Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer-NEW! 48-22-9320 $29.97

19oz Smooth Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer 48-22-9316 $26.97

3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer 48-22-9310 $19.97

Source: Milwaukee Tool