News | August 16, 2022

New Wide Range Distribution Grips from Klein Tools Provide One-Handed Solution For Linemen

Klein Tools for professionals since 1857, introduces two new Wide Range Distribution Grips, which hold the widest range of cables and replace two tools, saving time and money.

Wide Range Distribution Grips (Cat. Nos. 16477, 16477-20)

  • Holds a wide range of cables from #6 Copper to 477 ACSR
  • 20% lighter than standard Cat. No. KT4500 grip with easy one-handed actuation
  • Large opening in the handle accommodates a wide variety of hooks on hoists, winches and tackle blocks
  • Spring closes grip on cable to hold the initial position
  • Includes a latch to help maintain cable position in the grip jaw (Cat. No. 16477-20)
  • Patent pending design

“When designing new tools, we look to make versatile products that solve a problem that trade professionals are facing,” says Alan Weir, product manager at Klein Tools. “With Klein’s new Wide Range Distribution Grips, distribution power linemen who are currently using multiple tools can replace them with one of these one-handed grips, saving them both money and space in their tool bag. This grip has a maximum safe load of up to 5000 pounds, and the Distribution Grip with Hot Latch includes a latch to help maintain cable position in grip jaws.”

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Source: Klein Tools, Inc.