Omega-6 - Milling Hardened Steel just got easier!

Source: IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.

Omega-6 - Milling Hardened Steel just got easier!
Solid carbide end mills for increased tool life in hardened steel applications; inconel, titanium, heat-treated steels, stainless steels.

Milling Hardened Steels? Want to Double your Tool Life?

Powerful Tool Geometry for Unsurpassed Longevity

  • High heat resistant tool coating for maximum cutting edge protection.
  • Stronger tool core allows heavier cuts and higher stock removal rates.
  • Six flutes for extra cutting power, permitting heavier feed rates in many materials including hardened steels over 50 RC.
  • 45 degree helix angle puts more of the flute in contact with the work piece for improved cutting and superior finish.
  • CNC manufactured corner radius contributes to extending the tool life by providing corner to corner consistency and generating an even chip load.

Roughing or Finishing

  • Inconel
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steels (15-5,17-4,440C)
  • Hardened Tool Steels
  • Heat-Treated Steel
  • Monel
  • Hastalloy-C
  • Waspalloy
  • Rene-41