News | September 2, 2021

Pipe Beveling Machine Sets Up Easily And Cuts Super Alloys

A portable, I.D. clamping pipe beveling tool that is self-centering and provides plenty of power and torque for aggressively cutting highly alloyed pipe has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The Prepzilla MILLHOG I.D. Clamping Pipe Beveler is self-centering and has a range of 1.575″ I.D. to 8.625″ O.D. with only one mandrel and eight sets of interchangeable clamps. Featuring dual opposed tapered roller bearings and heat-treated and hardened clamping, cutting, and operating components,
this welding end prep tool provides enough torque behind the cutter blade to get under super duplex stainless steel, P-51, and other superalloys.

Equipped with a 3-blade holder which can perform any angle of bevel, face, and bore simultaneously, the Prepzilla MILLHOG I.D. Clamping Pipe Beveler utilizes the secure EscoLock blade lock system with cutting blades that transfer heat away from the pipe surface and produce a thick chip without using cutting oils. It has an efficient 2 HP pneumatic motor and is also available with electric and hydraulic motors.

The Prepzilla MILLHOG I.D. Clamping Pipe Beveler is available for sale or rent.

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Source: ESCO Tool