News | December 14, 2021

Precision Cooling – Maximum Productivity

Walter presents DC175 Supreme solid carbide drill with new cooling concept

With the DC175 Supreme, Walter is launching its first solid carbide drill with precision cooling. It is designed for machining ISO materials from groups M and S. Walter's own precision cooling guides the coolant very close to the main cutting edge, increasing the tool life of the drill. To achieve this, Walter developed a special end-face geometry. This features a tough, straight main cutting edge, a large clearance in the centre and coolant channels positioned close to the cutting edge. When the drill was used at the customer's site, Walter achieved increases in tool life of around 30 per cent. In addition to the cooling and geometry, Walter's new WJ30RZ and WJ30RY grades also play an important part in this accomplishment. The highly wear-resistant TiAlSiN-based layer applied using HiPIMS coating technology takes the form of a complete coating for 3 and 5 × Dc (WJ30RZ grade) and a point coating for 8 × Dc (WJ30RY grade). The 8 × Dc version also features a polished flute.

The result is a very smooth surface which ensures perfect chip evacuation. The HiPIMS coating and innovative new cooling concept make it possible for users to increase the cutting data, thereby improving productivity and reducing production costs because the time on the machine can be used more efficiently. The effects on the process reliability are similarly positive. The smooth surface of the DC175 Supreme optimises the chip evacuation and minimises built-up edges (for example caused by the chips "sticking" in the flute). The ability to recondition the drill three times, paired with its long tool life, also makes it cost-effective and sustainable. Walter offers this service in its own reconditioning centres. The DC175 Supreme for cross-sector use is currently available to users for diameters from 3 to 20 mm and in dimensions of 3 × Dc, 5 × Dc and 8 × Dc; special tools such as 12 × Dc or step drills can be ordered via Walter Xpress.

Source: Walter AG