News | September 12, 2017

Precision Gear Solutions For Automotive Sector

EXSYS Tool, Inc. has long supplied the North American market with high-precision, German-made EPPINGER live and fixed toolholders for CNC turning centers and modular adapter systems for quick lathe tooling changeovers. Today, EXSYS has expanded its offerings to include a new line of high-quality EPPINGER gearboxes and custom gear-making services for a wide variety of industries including the automotive sector.

Among the many EPPINGER gearbox offerings are the BT and BM compact bevel gearboxes. These bring high torque and maximum efficiency to gear applications, such as differential drives for cornering automobiles, that require a high degree of reliability and variability.

Each of these bevel gearbox types offer minimized tooth clearance and optimal transmission properties via precision axes and bearing seats combined with GLEASON bevel gears that can withstand high loads.

The single-component steel housings for these bevel gearboxes feature mounting threads on all sides to ensure stable attachment in a variety of installation positions. The heavy-duty bevel gears inside these housings offer high transmission precision and reduced stress on the bearings. A friction-locked, zero backlash connection of the crown gears on the drive shaft reduces the mass of the gearing component.

Both BT and BM gearboxes come in solid or hollow shafts in standard and custom designs. BT-type models are available in seven sizes with a transmission ratio of i = 1:1 to 5:1, while BM-type models are available in five sizes with a ratio of i = 1:1.

For automotive applications that require low backlash, high efficiency, shock resistance and a high torque to weight ratio, EPPINGER offers planetary gearboxes. These come in five sizes, each as a single, dual, or triple stage design. This allows users to achieve overall transmission ratios from i = 3:1 to i = 512:1.

In terms of custom gear-making services, EPPINGER, with more than 20 years of experience, can develop and manufacture virtually any type of gear. Thecrown gear diameters can range from 0.4 mm to 330 mm, depending on the transmission ratio. Examples include professional-quality, high-performance bevel gearboxes, and ring and pinion gear sets for the automotive industry.

The company uses modern GLEASON milling and grinding centers to machine its gears from a wide variety of workpiece materials. GLEASON and ZEISS measuring machines along with GLEASON test equipment ensure each gear complies with the quality requirements of DIN 3965 and American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) at all times.