News | December 14, 2021

Precision Tool Recently Invested In A Faro Arm To Expand And Enhance Their Machining Capabilities

Adding a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to their shop floor, Precision Tool offers reverse engineering, automated inspection, and advanced modeling.

Based in Oil City, Pennsylvania, Precision Tool serves the greater Pittsburg and Western PA area with an assortment of CNC machining capabilities. Their recent purchase of Faro computerized inspection equipment adds laser scanning capabilities for reverse engineering parts, precision 3-D modeling, and automating the inspection process to ensure consistent quality and dimensional accuracy.

Faro Arms are one of the most sought-after names in portable measurement arms, making this purchase a smart long-term investment in their in-house capabilities. These manufacturing tools can perform quality inspections, CAD comparisons, dimensional analysis, tool certification, reverse engineering, and more. Implemented into their production processes, the Faro Arm will ensure all large part machining, connecting rod machining, and horizontal boring services they offer are carried out according to strict quality standards. Additionally, the Faro Arm will aid in complex custom parts machining, and help ensure they meet stringent dimensional tolerances.

Consistent investment in the latest equipment is one of the many ways Precision Tool aims to provide the best possible machining services –all under one roof. With a keen eye on the latest technology trends, they are quick to invest in the very best equipment that serves a distinct advantage for their business. The Faro Arm CMM was the perfect addition to their robust machine shop floor.

Source: Precision Tool – Oil City