News | March 14, 2018

PUMA SMX Multitask Turning Centers With Lower Turret

Doosan Machine Tools announces that its PUMA SMX super multitasking turning centers are now available with a lower turret for enhanced versatility and productivity. The turret will be available on both the 10” chuck (PUMA SMX2600ST) and 12” chuck (PUMA SMX3100ST) models.

Doosan’s PUMA SMX series is a twin-spindle, multitasking turning center built for completing complex parts in a single setup. Both turning spindles feature 0.0001° resolution on the C-axis for high-precision contouring, and the 12,000-rpm dedicated milling spindle features 0.0001° resolution contouring B-axis as well. With a Y-axis stroke of 11.8” (300mm) and an orthogonal X/Y structure, part accuracy and machine accessibility are both improved.

The addition of a lower turret allows operators to be even more productive on a single CNC machine. A 12-station static tool turret is standard on SMX ST models, and a 5,000 RPM milling turret is available as an option. The turret is also designed to accommodate steady rests, follow rests, tailstock centers and 2-jaw vises.

“Adding a lower turret to our PUMA SMX series makes a variety of new applications possible,” states Jim Shiner, director of sales and marketing at Doosan Machine Tools America. “This will be invaluable for shops that are looking to take on more complex parts and need a way to get them done more quickly and accurately.”

SOURCE: Doosan Machine Tools