News | December 22, 2020

Sandvik Coromant Machining Solutions For E-Mobility Components

‚ÄčE-mobility is a term that is connected to a group of components found in hybrids and electric vehicles. In order to increase driving range and power, especially through weight reduction, most components in electric and hybrid cars are made with aluminium.

To put this into perspective, a medium sized passenger car contains around 160kg of aluminium components – significantly lighter than any other materials previously used. Well designed and light components will be key for hybrids and pure electric cars moving forward. Some examples of different e-mobility components are different types of housings and battery pack frames.

One important thing to remember is that much of the knowledge and solutions developed for machining the traditional automotive components can be transfered and applied in the e-mobility components, mainly in the milling, drilling and tapping areas. Below are tools that offer premium performance in machining auto aluminium components.

Source: Sandvik Coromant