News | August 19, 2021

Secure Against Inadvertent Twisting

Walter is presenting the new Xtra·tec XT M5468 round insert milling cutter.

With the Xtra·tec XT M5468, Walter AG is breaking new ground to prevent inadvertent twisting of round indexable inserts. Indexing of indexable inserts using rigid clamping has been replaced by indexing using facets on the flank face of the indexable insert. This protects the inserts against inadvertent twisting and enables chip evacuation without interference contour on the tool. The cutting edges on the rake face of the indexable insert are labelled in the same way as the number of facets. According to Walter, this allows up to eight cutting edges (from insert size 10 mm) to be reliably used, thereby extending the tool life and increasing the cost-efficiency. Walter currently offers the Xtra·tec XT M5468 round insert milling cutter in diameters from 10 to 125 mm, including oversize milling cutters for long overhangs, and in two tooth pitches for a wide range of applications.

The adaptors range from ScrewFit, Weldon shank and bore adaptor through to cylindrical-modular – an interface that is used frequently, particularly in mould and die making. Walter currently offers the round, positive indexable inserts with up to eight cutting edges in two insert sizes, with another five sizes to follow by the end of the year, according to Walter – each available in a version with fully sintered circumference and fully ground circumference. The wide range of adaptors and insert sizes enables virtually universal application of the M5468 with regard to application and material. Walter's own indexing and anti-twist protection for the round indexable inserts using facets increase the process reliability. When combined with the wear-resistant Walter Tiger·tec cutting tool materials, this results in a long tool life and a high level of cost-efficiency.

Source: Walter AG