News | May 16, 2024

Split Frame Machine Performs Parting And Double Beveling

A line of split frame machines with tooling modules that hold double edge blades which perform parting and double beveling for inline valve install- ation and replacement has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, MA.

The Esco COHOG Split Frame Machine features a robust stationary ring machined from 7075 aluminum alloy that is hard coated and supports a custom steel forged, heat-treated, and nickel-plated rotating ring. Featuring a tooling module that holds double edge blades, it is easy to setup using indexable tooling to perform parting and double beveling simultaneously.

Providing vibration-free operation, the Esco COHOG(!)Split Frame Machine self-squares and can be precisely aligned and quickly attached without shims or guesswork and the rotating ring is supported by precision tuned eccentric bearings. Motor options include pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic power and the double edge blades reduce the cost of consumables.

Source: ESCO Tool