Streakers - Aluminum has met it's match.

Source: IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.

Streakers - Aluminum has met it's match.
Plunge, Slot, Pocket -- one end mill does it all in Aluminum. Find out who slashed production time by 75% in 6061 Aluminum.

No More Pecking Cycle
A machining facility was using the competitors 3 flute roughing style end mill. The 6061 Aluminum operation cleaned out pockets in a z-peck cycle and then cut along the perimeter at 4500 rpm and 50 ipm. A common problem was clogged flutes.

STREAKERS unique flute design enabled the machinist to set up and run at 100 ipm, and 7500 rpm. This eliminated the pecking cycle and flute clogging all at the same time.

3 Times Faster!
STREAKERS increased productivity by tripling any speeds and feeds previously attained, with an ordinary 2 flute end mill. The workpiece material was 6061 T-6 Aluminum. The 1" STREAKERS performed at 6600 rpm, .118" doc, 147 ipm, and 1727 sfm. The customer was happy with the performance and savings.

Unusual but True...
A 1/2" STREAKERS pulled an aluminum part right out of the vise. The part was repositioned and secured, then the same end mill was used to machine this part and 30 more just like it. The machine shop personnel were astonished and impressed all at the same time.

Time is Money!
STREAKERS 1/2" end mill eliminated 15 minutes per aluminum part, saving big $$$$. The customer was using a competitors 3 flute end mill at 1300 sfm, feed rate was 60 ipm, and the depth/width of cut was .125".

STREAKERS unique design enabled a feed rate increase to 90 ipm, depth/width of cut was increased to .265". STREAKERS speed and tool life far exceeded the other tool because the chip exhaust kept the material out of the part.

What a Show-off...
1 3/4" STREAKERS, cutting a 1-1/4" deep slot at 240 ipm and 7500 rpm, had everyone in the machining shop watching it rip through the aluminum. Productivity on this application excelled, but I don't know about the productivity for the rest of the machinists who stopped to watch the action.

Eliminate a Process!
STREAKERS doubled depth of cut, increased feed rate 3 times, and made the customer very happy. We used a 1/4" STREAKERS end mill at .250" doc,786 sfm and a feed rate or 45 ipm, to demonstrate the advantages of this unique tool design. The shop was using a 2 flute stub end mill at .125" doc 655 sfm, and 15 ipm to originally machine the aluminum part. Not only did we speed things up at the tooling end, we also eliminated a process of repositioning the part.