News | July 11, 2007

Surfware Ships SURFCAM Velocity 3.0 Service Pack

Source: Surfware Inc.

Westlake Village, CA – Surfware Inc., developer of SURFCAM CAD/CAM Systems, is now shipping the Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SURFCAM Velocity® version 3.0.

SURFCAM Velocity is the exclusive provider of the patent-pending TrueMill® technology. TrueMill is the only toolpath engine that reduces machining time 30 to 50% by dynamically managing the tool-to-material engagement angle.

Service Pack 1 includes:

  • 3-Axis machining: Improved TrueMill functionality
  • 5-Axis machining: A new multi-surface morphing cutting method gets the cutter into hard to reach areas with full collision avoidance.
  • Toolpath Containment: Displays dynamic smart-tags next to toolpath containment boundaries.
  • SolidWorks: Improved SolidWorks associativity tracks changes to a machined feature's shape and depth.
  • Graphics: SP1 improves system performance when rendering large MCAD models.
  • CAD Interoperability: Open AutoCad® 2008 files. Stronger direct transfer of Catia® layers.

This service pack extends the functionality of version 3.0. With the 3.0 release, our customers have already found large productivity gains across many manufacturing disciplines. "TrueMill shaved 90 minutes from a 4.5 hour cycle time by being able to rough at 500 IPM vs. 100 IPM w/o TrueMill," said Anthony Reyes, Foreman, C&H Machine.

This service pack provides an additional boost," said Don Esters, President, Surfware, Inc. "Surfware continues to produce high quality and cutting edge products built to increase our customer's bottom line," continued Mr. Esters. "I attribute our success in SURFCAM Velocity with TrueMill to our dedicated forward thinking engineers, the vision of our founders and executive management, and the precision of our products."

Highlights of Previous SURFCAM Velocity V3.0 included:

  • Superior 4- and 5-axis milling capabilities

Version 3.0 delivered world-class 4– and 5-Axis operations for finishing cylinder heads, aerospace structures, power generation blades and blisks.

  • Advanced toolpath containment options
    Complete with APT-like Tool-To, -On, and -Past options providing precise control over any number of surfaces or model features.

  • Knowledge-based machining templates
    Templates capture user knowledge and machining preferences to streamline the part-programming process.

  • Significant expansion of SURFCAM API (Application Programming Interface)
    SURFCAM is now even more open and customizable to user-specific needs.

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    About Surfware, Inc.
    Surfware, Inc., the developer of SURFCAM Velocity CAD/CAM systems, provides optimal solutions for today's design through manufacturing challenges. Surfware's TrueMill technology (patent pending) is the only toolpath engine that intelligently manages tool load to significantly boost productivity and extend cutting tool life for all materials, including tool steels, aluminium, titanium, even exotics.

    SURFCAM Velocity is used globally for CNC programming of 2- through 5-axis mills, lathes, Wire-EDM, and multi-tasking machines. Leaders in the aerospace, defence, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and medical industries depend on SURFCAM Velocity to manufacture with automation, speed and precision. For additional information, visit

    SOURCE: Surfware Inc.