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The Enjoywood CEL-E10 Laser Engraver Is Available On Banggood: The Best Tool For Having Fun Creating

Guangzhou /PRNewswire/ - Banggood , a globally leading online store, will soon kick off its co-branded cooperation with Enjoywood, a professional brand in innovative production tools, to launch the 10W CEL-E10 laser engraving and cutting machine on September 5, 2022. The latest Enjoywood CEL-E10 is more than an innovative laser engraver allowing craftspeople to create personalized works of art, it empowers more people to effortlessly enjoy the fun of creation, which aligns with Banggood's mission to become the online platform for hobbyists and anyone with a creative bent.

Discover the CEL-E10 from Enjoywood, the new star of laser engraving and cutting
Enjoywood's CEL-E10 is acclaimed by the market for its main advantages: powerful performance, high precision and user-friendly operation.

Using innovative dual compression point coupling technology, the CEL-E10's 10W laser output can cut 10mm wood and 5mm acrylic in a single pass, and achieve 300% better the engraving speed up to 11,000mm/min, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Additionally, Enjoywood's CEL-E10 deploys a revolutionary ultra-thin compressed 0.06mm laser spot, which improves engraving accuracy to 0.01mm as well as repeat positioning accuracy and laser energy, which allows more precise and efficient engraving and cutting in creation.

For added practicality and convenience, the CEL-E10 can engrave and cut hundreds of materials (metal, wood, bamboo, ceramic, paper, plastic, acrylic, leather and more). Compatible with LaserGRBL, LightBurn and Win XP/7/8/10 systems, CEL-E10 supports mobile apps and offline burning. Its range of powerful functions and reasonable size make it an ideal choice for hobbyists and professionals creating custom products for their business.

The CEL-E10 10W Laser Engraver is now available on Banggood. Enjoywood will launch more new products in October, stay tuned.

About Enjoywood
Enjoywood is a leading brand in the field of innovative production tools. Determined to provide high quality products and better service to help people have more fun creating, Enjoywood recently opened a global location and established overseas warehouses in Europe , the United States and Asia. To learn more about Enjoywood, visit .

About Banggood
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